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I'm Maggie! Although my owners had other Labradors before me for their entire lives, I was the FIRST to be known a Heaventree Creek Labrador! It made me happy to be the Founding Female for over 15 happy, healthy years of Lovabe Labradors!

  Me supervising my owners building the cabin on our seventeen acres. They would have been lost without me.
Hanging with my best buddy, Oakley.
He was also super-sweet and beautiful - like me!
I only had two litters of puppies and lived over fifteen years happy and healthy!   Keeping an eye on my puppies. I always made sure they behaved like proper English Labrador puppies should. I even helped take care of the younger dams puppies if they didn't yet know just what to do.
  This is my daughter Ain't Whistlin Dixie! She was a very loving Alpha female who made sure the rest of the pack and puppies were shown and instructed to also be Lovable Labradors, too!  

My baby boy Tank.
He was a very sweet English Lab.


I was proud that my puppies went on to love and be loved by wonderful families!
  • Anna found a forever family in Alliance, Ohio
  • Holly found a caring home in Toledo, OH
  • Cody found a loving home in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Dixie found a forever home with Heaventree Creek.

  • Tank (male) found a home in Northern Ohio.
  • Beautiful Pyper (female) found a home along the beautiful beaches of Los
    Angelas, CA
  • Hunter (male) found a home in sunny North Carolina!
  • Trucker has found a forever home in Canal Fulton, OH
  • Teo found a forever home in Cleveland, OH