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Heaventree's Harmony Harlequinn
Romance x Camolot's Romeo
~ Winter 2017 Litter ~

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Meet our Heaventree Creek Labradors!

We started breeding Maggie in late 2009 to Timberwood's Perfectly Charming/"Beau" (son of Am/Can/Brazil Ch. Grand Ch. PanAm. Ch. Int. Ch. Beechcroft's Perfect
Charmer) Maggie had 10 beautiful black pups and Dixie was one of them!  Dixie is very intelligent, wonderful with
children, and is an excellent mother to her pups! She is our most active Labrador, but although she is more active, she is exceptionally
obedient and loves to please!

Dixie was bred to Oakley and had her first litter in 2012. Oakley was purchased after careful searching for the right temperament, color, and thickness. We breed our
females to other studs with strong champion lines to ensure breed integrity in order to strengthen our lines and offer pups for sale with diversified pedigrees to
maintain the breed's poise, personality, & purpose. If interested, please contact us to place your deposit and be added to our puppy waiting list. In the event two or
fewer pups are born, we reserve the right to keep one or both.

Dixie was later bred to Canadian Champion Roka 7 Rolex. He was #1 Puppy in Canada in 2013 and the two made absolutely calm, obedient, loyal, ultra-loving,
GORGEOUS Labradors. We kept Armani, Godiva, Gemma, and Dixie Chick from that litter to start our current lines of nice blocky English Labradors.

With the advent of more comprehensive DNA analysis and genetic testing, we used EMBARKVET to have complete genetic testing done on all of our adult Labradors.
Many of whom are CLEAR on 166/166 canine genetic disorders. A couple are carriers of 1-2 autosomal recessive disorder(s) which means when bred to a CLEAR
their puppies will NEVER develop any of the 166/166 canine conditions. So, all of our puppies come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE to never develop these disorders.

Our adults and pups are all bred and raised indoors. They have access to several fenced acres. Most of the pics are taken outside due to better lighting, but they are
loved and raised indoors with our family. Our adults have access to six acres of gently rolling land with a large pond for training, retrieving, & fun!!
Heaventree Creek Labradors
(AKA Alida's Lovable Labs) is owned and operated by Alida & Jake Scheiderer
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