Heaventree Creek Labradors Testimonials
All puppies in a row, waiting their turn to go
Email from 2012 owner of Champs!


Thank you SOOOOO much for allowing us to add such a great dog in our lives!
Champs (now Jax) had a great car ride home yesterday and had an okay night
last night! We did get some sleep :) He has had a fun day today getting to play
with new toys and getting acquainted to his new living environment! We
absolutely LOVE having him around! He has been great for us with going to the
bathroom outside and has only had one accident inside! We honestly can't thank
you enough for everything!! I have attached a few pictures of him for you :) Hope
yesterday wasn't too hard for mama Dixie after we left! Thanks again!!

Gretchen B. and Jon W.
Email from 2009 owner of Cody!

Mrs. Scheiderer,
I have been meaning to write you since Cody was about a year old. We just
wanted to tell you how much we love the dog that you bred for us! He has
brought us so much joy! He competed in the junior hunt trials this summer at the
Buckeye Retriever Club and has officially received his Junior Hunter title. (Next
summer he'll compete for the senior title) I thought you may like to know so that if
you continue to breed you could list this for future buyers. He loves to retrieve
and took to training/swimming/hunting very naturally. He loves it. Thanks again! I
hope you, your husband, and Maggie are doing well!

Oh, and one more thing. Everyone we run into tells us what a good looking dog
he is, and more professional dog people have told us that he is show dog
quality. We aren't interested in that arena, but thought your buyers may want to
know that, too. :)

- Leah and Chris H.
Email from 2009 owner of Holly (Holly-Belle)

Holly-Belle is doing great took her to the vet last night she has a clean bill of
health wt #14.6 she is very active her and our younger beagle are bonding great
our older beagle is tolerating her good. She loves to be outside romping in the
snow. Feel free to use us as a reference, we will keep you up to date on her

Thanks, Lance
Email from 2009 owner of Hunter (living beach-side)

It took him a little while to get used to the water moving in and out instead of
staying still like freshwater.  He tried to drink it at first, but he has caught on that it
has a different taste.
He weighed in at 32 pounds yesterday at the vet. (I forgot to mention in last
email).  During the day, he stays in the sunroom that opens to the backyard.  He
goes out in the yard to the bathroom and comes back in the sunroom to play. We
have two kiddy pools for when it gets warmer.  One for the yard and one for in the
He likes meeting new people and new dogs and really adjusts well to new

Tracy F.
EMAIL FROM 2013 owner of "Coal" Daisy X Oakley Christmas Litter!

(UPDATES COMING SOON! I get testimonials all the time and annual updates
via email and/or phone or mail). We will have to scour through our emails to find
all of those updated pics of our lovable cuties! Check back every so often and
we'll add them as we find them in our emails)!!

Seen left: Chief FowlFeather, enjoying the life, in Texas!

Daisy X BISS GR. AM Can. CH Labradale Expresso (2012 Litter)
Mocha (four weeks)

(Pictured Right)
We kept Rosebud/"Rosie" due a potential
health issue. Fortunately, it wasn't serious and
will never affect her! She is so sweet, has a
strong willingness to please, and a strong drive
to retrieve!
Email from A.W. re: Kudos of a Joyful Color from Daisy X Expresso
Hello Alida,

Stanley is doing great!! He has done
fantastic both nights, slept completely
through the night without a sound.  The
potty training is coming along.  He
seems to look at you and cry when he
needs to go out and sometimes goes to
the back door to cry.  Of course, he still
has a few mishaps.
She slept until 3 am let her out then she
fell back to sleep after playin for 15 min.
We have 2 little beds for her and she
likes to sleep in them with a neck pillow
and a stuffed animal. Getting her to be
comfortable with the crate, she went
right in with no problem. She goes to
door when she has to go potty and only
2 accidents. We r in love with Jezny and
hugs to Daisy and her grandma Lol. Ty
Alida and will keep in touch. Oh by the
way she slept the whole car ride home
and she likes to roll in dewy grass loves
to b outside! Jenn and JezNy

She is doing great! My fiancé and I love her so much and she was a
great addition to the family! She is so smart and friendly. We ended
up naming her Rylie! She gets along great with our cat and loves to
snuggle. She maybe had 5 accidents in the house and that was only
in the first weeks we had her. We never once had an issue with her
gong into her kennel and now she sleeps with us full time and hardly
has to go in it at all now. Of course she loves to swim and he have
taught her quite a few tricks!

Thank you so much for my best friend and the best dog in the
world! Bax is now 10 months old and I wouldn't trade him for
anything in the world! -B. Fullington

Newer update:Bax has been getting trained to duck hunt and
is a STUD! He's not only good looking but an incredible duck
dog too. He's sitting on a whistle, casting in a direction with
hand signals and marking birds over 100 yards away by
sight. He's a GREAT DOG!
Mighty Mouse
(Pictured Left)

Mouse is such a loving, smart dog. We were
surprised by the fact that he was a year old
and took to our other dog, our cats, and kids
with no problems. He is so gentle and sweet!
Loves going with us to baseball games and
loves the crowd!
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