About Heaventree Creek
I have owned A.K.C. labs for 25+ years. Although we
have loved all of our Labradors, none of my former
Labradors were bred. I decided to breed Maggie
because I feel that her temperament will enhance the
breed standard and pass this trait to her lovely

Our goal is to produce top-quality A.K.C. Labrador
Retrievers with Champion and World Champion
Bloodlines for Show and pets with calm, even
temperaments. Our adults are friendly, intelligent, and
love to please, which makes training easy.

We are currently breeding differing Champion
Bloodlines (Beechcroft, Boradors, Dickendall, etc.) to
enhance the breed with all the characteristics that
make Labs lovable, loyal, friendly, and obedient for
companions and show.

Our adults are part of our family and raised indoors.
We just moved recently to a lovely location where they
have six acres with pond for training, retrieving, and

All pups will be vet checked, come with a two-year hip
and elbow guarantee (limited to replacement pup), and
some pre-training/socialization. Clicker training
techniques with video and clicker will also be provided.

Subject to additional fees, including final vet check, shipping,
and small handling charge.
Dixie at five
having her
first run in
the snow -
"Four Paw
Drive in
HIgh Gear
We hope that all new
owners join the AKC
S.T.A.R. Puppy
program designed to
help you work toward
Citizenship Program.
Please click icon to
access the AKC S.T.A.R.
Puppy program!
Sire: General Oakley
CH. bloodlines include:
Boradors Resolution &
Special Salsa
Who says "THREE'S A CROWD"?
Pictured left: Dixie, Daisy, and Oakley taking a
sleepy-time nap. They were 12 weeks and 10
weeks old in this photo.

Dixie is a black female from Maggie &
Timberwood's Perfectly Charming 2009 litter,
Daisy is a chocolate female, and Oakley is our
adorable & gorgeous yellow male.
A Little R&R
Dixie actually got herself into
the hammock all by herself.
We have a video of her getting
the others to swing her in it
This is the pose that earned Oakley his
General Oakley Full Battle
... we were going to add "Ready
for Action
" to his AKC registered
name, but decided against it. Oakley is
laid back with an adorable
temperament. He is lovingly named to
honor our family's servicemen.

(Above) Daisy/Caramel
Kiss and Oakley
napping  (6.5 weeks old).
Here's lookin' at YOU!

Oakley was six months
old in this photo.
Scroll down to view
puppy pics!
Timberwood's Perfectly
Maggie: Ready to
retrieve game on our
17-acre wooded lot.

(Right) Rosebud
Heaventree's Harmony Harlequinn Romance:
Sittin' Pretty in Pink!
Heaventree Creek Labradors
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